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#ActBeyond: Join my personal learning journey (English only)

Aktualisiert: 8. Juni 2022

I've always been fascinated by great inventors, groundbreaking ideas, and the latest technologies. There's just this passion for the yet unknown. It's also what led me to move into partner marketing and look at the enormous opportunities of cross-company collaboration.

Without innovation, no sustained economic success. And without partnership(s), no impactful innovation. So when I first heard about innovation ecosystems, I thought it was a utopia. But I got curious and asked myself: what makes an innovation ecosystem? Where does it live? How does it work? A natural ecosystem is the smallest ecological unit of a habitat with creatures dwelling in it - like a forest, a place of visible and invisible flow of interests, knowledge and data. Strong ecosystems are masters of complexity. They endure through the centuries and the most adaptable find answers to every challenge. So imagine what a man-made ecosystem can achieve if we approach nature in terms of innovation!

Follow me on an inspiring journey! Starting this month, I'll be speaking with leading voices who are actively working in or building innovation ecosystems. Each month, a new voice will share how they are operating beyond their corporate microcosm to create multi-actor, cross-sector innovation.


Guest no 1. Oliver Kraft, EVP Expo 2020 at Siemens

Guest no 2. Friederike Hettinger, CEO at TUM International

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